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Panzer General Forever version 1.02 - 71MB
Download Panzer General Forever (abbreviated PGForever) version 1.02 by clicking on the image.
After downloading the package unzip it to desired destination, open the root folder of the game and click on PGForever.exe to start the game. Main menu will offer you to play remake of Panzer General or remake of Allied General or one of two experimental mods.

About PG Forever

PG Forever is remake of Panzer General as well as Allied General because the two share the same game rules. Goal was to preserve characteristic look and feel of the original game while at the same time improve aspects like compatibility with modern hardware and operating systems. Improved UI and usability, H2H play, new AI and easier customizability. Great attention was given in including exact game mechanics as the original game but play still differs because of different AI. Gameplay is preserved very faithfully but some features from the old game were not included like battle animations, voice overs and PBEM. New features include different UI and better usability, combat log and extended combat prediction (invoked by L key), replay, already mentioned different AI, online H2H play, mods can be included and accessed from the main screen, customizability is easier and game has PGDOS converter that enables conversion of old mods. Game was released in late 2009. Further improvements and polishing should not be expected because project is discontinued.

Field of Glory is a great Stratgame which covers the timeperiode from the Agypts to 1500.
The game is not for free. It has a lot of DLC"s.
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Here you can download a lot of usermade scenarios